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Larry Harral, CRS

Warm up a chilly weekend!

With another cold and rainy weekend forecasted you might be tempted by your favorite streaming service. Ahh, sweet, solitary binge-watching! But if you’d like a more satisfying way to spend a chilly evening, make an intentionally delightful day out of drab weather.

1. Set the mood- Candles are a key ingredient to a supremely comfortable atmosphere. Not only do they provide beautiful, soft lighting, but they also add warmth and scent to your space.

2. Bake Something- It doesn’t just begin when you eat the cake (or cookies or pie) — it begins when you buy the ingredients. Go to your favorite market, choose your ingredients carefully, and mix them with great care, taking your time to enjoy the task at hand. It’s just a bonus that your baking will flood your space with delicious smells — and taste good too. Baking together makes for a lovely afternoon, no matter the weather!

3. Add texture- Plush throws, sheepskins and cushions make for a much more inviting space. Cover your surfaces in as many luxurious fabrics and pillows as you can find and snuggle down.

4. Invite people over- Fight the urge to retreat, and invite your nearest and dearest (or those you want to know better) over to share your coziness. A big pot of stew and a bottle of wine is always a winter favorite.

5. Get out the board games- They gather dust all year, so make use of them now! For the minimalists among us, a deck of cards is a highly versatile recreational object to keep around.

6. Embrace sweater weather- If you don’t already have a favorite sweater, it’s time to find one. It should be something that makes you feel at home when you slip it on. Cashmere, wool, mohair — anything will do. Whatever you choose, pair it with thick socks!

7. Curate your cold-outside playlist- Make yourself a mix of music that inspires you to do all those things that make you feel absolutely endeared to your space. Put it on shuffle, relax, repeat. Instrumentals are classics for a reason — they can work as background for just about anything. When in doubt, most music services have pre-made playlists, some of which you can filter by mood.


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