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Larry Harral, CRS

Streamline Your Move

Did you know that more moves take place in the summer than in any other season? Follow this handy timeline to make your move less stressful!

30 -60 Days- Reserve your Truck, Movers and Boxes. If you can, opt for the middle of the month to avoid conflict with the end of the month rush.

30 Days- Purge Before Packing! Casting out unused objects before will make packing and unpacking much easier!

2-3 Weeks- Head to the Attic and Basement! Holiday decor, and other seasonal items will not be missed if packed up early.

2 Weeks- Prep an Essential Box/Bag. Fill with cleaning supplies, first aid kit, box cutters, packing tape and toilet paper.

1 Week- Pack with Unloading in Mind! Write the desired room and the contents of the box on the side of the box.

Move in Day- Set up the Bed first to ensure you have a comfy place to sleep. Next Focus on the Kitchen. Unpack one room at a time to minimize chaos.


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