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Larry Harral, CRS

7 Repairs to Complete Before Marketing Your Home

#1 Revive Your Outdated Kitchen- A full Kitchen renovation is NOT a requirement. Installing new appliances, painting wood cabinets, and installing new hardware could be enough.

#2 Erase Pet Damage- Fix scratches, scuffs and any pet stains on he floor.

#3 Resuscitate Your Lawn- Hire a lawn care service to apply fertilizer and weed control. Clean all debris from corners and behind bushes in flower beds, etc.

#4 Clean Your Grout- If you can not get your grout clean, replace it! It is a small fix that makes a big impact!

#5 Repair Torn Window Screens – VERY inexpensive and even a simple DIY repair. Making this fix is always worth it.

#6 Fix Water Stains- For buyers, water stains indicate there could be problems hidden beneath the surface. Be sure the problem is fixed and then repair or replace stained drywall.

#7 Fix Damaged Flooring- Replace what is worn out! Update outdated carpet and tired looking linoleum. Fix scratched wood flooring.

Small and less expensive updates will ensure every dollar you spend will have a great return!


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